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“Every person has the right to live in a peaceful family environment, free from abuse.”

Find out more information by clicking on our links below. 

ROSE Advocates Services & Awareness/Prevention Campaign

  • Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention

  • Remember the Children are Watching

  • Family Conflicts Children May Face

Child Abuse - Education & Prevention

  • What you can do to help

  • What Child Abuse looks like

  • How to report child abuse


Elder Abuse - Issues & Awareness

  • Signs of Elder Abuse

  • What to do if you suspect Elder Abuse



  • Quick Statistics

  • Types of Violence

  • Services/Receiving Assistance

​​Maple Tree House

  • Maple Tree House is one of our shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

Parenting – Becoming a Love & Logic Parent

  • Get education and tips for parenting

  • Discover new ways to handle situations with your child

Sexual Assault - Information & Assistance

  • What to do if your a victim

  • What does Sexual Assault mean

  • What you can do to help


Teen Dating Abuse Awareness & Prevention 

  • Teens Reaching Teens (Dating Violence Prevention & Awareness)

  • Rave & Club Scene (Sexual Assault/Date Rape Drugs)

  • While You Were Sleeping

  • A Word to Our Students

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